Shakudo is a mission.

Our goal is to take the technology industry to the next level by breaking free from vendor lock-in and bringing the significant benefits of cloud platforms to the decentralized world of web3.

Through an expertly designed utility mechanism, Rakkudo NFT will receive benefits related to the Shakudo platform - a product built by a fast growing, revenue generating and venture backed tech company.

More soon...

What is Shakudo?

We are a tech company that revolutionizes the end-to-end platform space for builders. We’ve raised in excess of $4 million dollars of VC funding since April 2021 and are generating revenue. To understand Shakudo, think decentralized serverless AWS designed for web3 and data teams, we do not do storage - our focus is on computing, data and execution. 

Why is Shakudo releasing an NFT collection?

Our NFT collection, Rakkudos, will act as a catalyst for the growth of the Shakudo Platform. Unlike most NFT collections seen these days we have a working product with market fit (high demand) pre-mint. The mint proceeds will go towards marketing campaigns and expanding the developer team. We chose an NFT over a token because we believe in the power of community. There is a lot to be said about the marketing benefit of having a strong holder backing using a Rakkudo NFT as their picture on social platforms such as Twitter.

What will the utility of the NFT be?

We want our holders to be motivated to act as ambassadors. With that being said, holders will benefit from token yield that can be used a credits toward usage of Shakudo's web3 products. Everything we have developed is multi chain and we have already paying clients on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and BSC.

There will be three main benefits that each Rakkudos holder will have, with a twist:

  1. Discounts, credits and special offers for the Shakudo Platform
  2. Referral fees. paid out to eligible referrers and community members for new customers introduced to Shakudo by Rakkudo holders.
  3. Earn the $preKUDOS token through staking. Stake your NFT to earn the $preKUDOS utility token, which represents credits toward usage of the Shakudo product suite. The tokenomics of $preKUDOS and associated liquidity will be announced at a later point.
Why have Rakkudos chosen to launch on Magic Eden?

Exposure, marketing benefits and the potential partnership that may emerge from using their launchpad. While it is simple to whip up a mint site and a CM to score brownie points, we would rather focus on what is important and that is gaining as much exposure pre-mint as possible.